Emmy's Paradise

My name is Emmy and I live inside your walls

Me inside your walls

My main hobby is programming though I have also been known to do some gardening and sewing. I also enjoy studying languages and though I've dabbled in a lot the only ones that I've really stuck with are Spanish and Chinese (mi toki e toki pona kin!).

All I really want in life is to find a nice cave in a forest and dissolve my ego there.

Things I like

Things I dislike

Stuff I Use


Thinkpad X230, hoping to replace the keyboard with one from an X220 soon


I daily drive Void Linux (with my build of dwm) and I run a server using NixOS for development work


getmail + notmuch + aerc + msmtp. It was a little bit difficult so set up but it works great


mpd + ncmpcpp + mpdas + dmenu scripts for easy access to playlists and internet radio. also check out my rust program that shuffles the mpd queue while keeping albums together!